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About The Treasurer

The Jefferson County Treasurer is Tim Kauffman. His duties are to collect property taxes, invest funds, disburse money to cities and districts and act as county banker.

View and / or Pay Your 2017 Payable 2018 Taxes*

Use our application to viewand/or pay for your property taxes.

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  • The 2017 payable 2018 property tax statement and postcards have been mailed as of January 29. See samples of Notifications from the Treasurer for more information. 
  • Property taxes need to be paid in either 2 equal installments; the first half is due February 28th the second half is due June 15th, or they can be paid in full by April 30th. US Postmarks are accepted. A Second half notice will be mailed in May to owners that have opted to only pay the first half.
  • Tax Liens:  Please contact our office to request a payoff amount for a Tax Lien. We will only accept cash or certified funds (e.g. Cashier's Check) payable to Jefferson County Treasurer for payment of a tax lien. Payments need to be received in our office by 5:00 pm the last business day of the month, postmarks are not accepted for tax liens.