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Puffers are for the (jail)Birds

The Colorado “Puffer Week” campaign is slated for the week of January 26th and ending on February 1st, 2020. This is a statewide initiative involving law enforcement and media outlets to increase awareness of the risks and dangers in “puffing” your vehicle, which will hopefully lead to a decrease in motor vehicle thefts. The JCSO Puffers are for the (jail)Birds funformational is intended to provide our Jefferson County communities with information to educate their citizens regarding motor vehicle theft, especially running, unattended vehicles.  Enjoy...

Porch Pirates In Jefferson County

Tis the season for gift-giving, online shopping and waiting for the arrival of packages to be delivered to our homes. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones anticipating the arrival of our purchases. Porch pirating continues to grow making the stakes higher for protecting our packages. We have put together a "Funformational" video to share tips on how you can keep porch pirates from sailing in your neighborhoods. Enjoy the video and enjoy your holidays. (ps...wait for the end of video. : ) . And remember, we will be here if you need us.