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PositiionStatementIconsWhereWeStand Opens in new windowDear Jefferson County Community,
The recent event in Minneapolis involving its police department has caused great concern throughout the entire country. Let me assure you that we at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office stand in condemnation of the death of George Floyd...(Read more here)
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During the current state legislative session, Senate Bill 21-062 was introduced as one of several bills focused on criminal justice reform, specifically the justice system’s “over-reliance on incarceration” as described by the bill’s sponsors. While the bill offers some positive changes, I believe it will have a negative impact on crime in Jefferson County if approved as written. In its current form, the bill effectively eliminates the ability to incarcerate individuals for class 4, 5, or 6 felony offenses.

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PoliciesIconsWhereWeStand2 Opens in new windowThe Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is committed to transparency with our community. This includes sharing our policies so residents understand how our employees do the difficult work of keeping the community safe. 

We review and update our policies regularly to ensure that we are in line with the best practices within the industry as well as are consistent with Colorado and federal law.