How often do I pump my septic tank?

Please see the Pumping the Septic Tank page on our website.

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1. A brown liquid is bubbling out of my garden; can you identify this substance?
2. Can I install my own septic system?
3. How do I obtain a permit to replace or install a septic system?
4. How often do I pump my septic tank?
5. I need to know the location and size of my septic system, how many bedrooms my system is built for, or other general septic records?
6. I'm considering building a new house in the mountains. How much property do I need to install a septic system and well?
7. There is a failing septic in my neighborhood. Could you please investigate this situation?
8. What are the fees for a septic system permit?
9. What do I need to do to get a variance?
10. What if I want a septic system for a business or commercial facility?
11. What is a Higher Level Treatment system?
12. Who can design my septic system?