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1. Can I donate my old cell phone? What about stuffed animals?
2. Can I enroll my child in Scared Straight?
3. How can I check if I have warrants for my arrest?
4. How can I dispose of ammunition or firearms?
5. How can I educate myself and my children about a registered sex offender in my neighborhood?
6. How can I find out if someone is being held at the Jefferson County Jail?
7. How can I find out if there was a meth lab at a particular address?
8. How can I get a copy of a case report?
9. How can I get a verification of a vehicle identification number (VIN)?
10. How can I learn about jobs at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office?
11. How can I learn more about crime in unincorporated Jefferson County?
12. How can I obtain information on sex offenders?
13. How do I claim my property?
14. How do I file a complaint against an employee of the sheriff's office?
15. How do I get a liquor license?
16. How do I get a protection order (formerly called a restraining order)? How do I drop one?
17. How do I send a thank you or a commendation to an employee of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office?
18. How do I sign up for a ride-along in a deputy's patrol car?
19. I am a patch collector. Where can I obtain a shoulder patch from the sheriff's office?
20. I need directions to the Sheriff’s Offices in Jefferson County.
21. I turned in a bike I found. If it isn't claimed, can I have it?
22. My checkbook, credit cards or driver's license was stolen. What should I do?
23. What are the parking regulations on streets?
24. What can I do about abandoned vehicles?
25. What can I do about barking dogs on my street?
26. What can I do about graffiti?
27. What is the Emergency Preparedness Notification system, and how does it affect me?
28. When is the next slash collection?
29. Where do I go to pay a traffic ticket?
30. Will the Sheriff's Office do fingerprints for the general public?