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1. Is it true that is I live in a remote location, the system won’t be able to find me?
2. Is CodeRED vital in an emergency? Or does it just notify me of Farmer’s Markets, tree lightings, movie nights, etc?
3. Am I guaranteed to receive a call when a disaster occurs if I am registered?
4. Can I have my landline removed from CodeRED when and if I choose?
5. Can I have my phone number associated with several addresses so I can monitor my parents’ home and my kids as well?
6. Can I only register one phone number for my address?
7. Can I select the types of emergency situations that I want to be included in the notification and exclude others?
8. If I have call screening/interception to discourage telemarketers, will I receive the alerts?
9. Do I have to pay for the service?
10. I never get any calls, is the system working?
11. Can you only be notified via text alerts?
12. Will I still receive emergency notifications if I don't sign up?
13. If I have a profile on Smart911 will I receive notifications?
14. If I am on vacation will I be contacted if an emergency affects the address entered?
15. If I don't answer my phone, will the system leave a message?
16. What do I do if I made a mistake on my account?
17. If I miss part of the message, is there a way to listen to it again?
18. Can I get the same information from a police scanner?
19. If the power grid fails, will I still receive the notification on my landline?
20. Is it complicated to add my phone number to the CodeRED database?
21. Will my number be sold to telemarketers?
22. Can I receive notifications through the App on my phone?
23. Doesn't the sheriff's office already have my phone number?
24. Do these calls count against my cell phone's minutes plan?