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1. I am a sole proprietor with no employees. Do I qualify?
2. I have received other CARES ACT funding. Am I qualified to apply for this grant?
3. I received the PPP, do I qualify to apply for this grant?
4. Can this grant money be used for maintenance or my facility that I could not afford to pay for during the COVID crisis due to lack of revenues?
5. I did not shut down but my revenues were severely impacted. Do I qualify?
6. What towns are in unincorporated Jefferson County?
7. Why is the grant only for unincorporated Jeffco?
8. Can I use these funds to pay my property tax to the county?
9. If I have not paid my property tax in full can I still apply?
10. Can I use these funds to pay for rent and electricity?
11. I am a one person business. I have no employees but I do have a physical location. Do I qualify?
12. I am a home based business, do I qualify?
13. I am a special district, do I qualify?
14. How can I check the status of my grant application?
15. When will funds begin to disperse?
16. How will the funds be dispersed?
17. If I am still closed to COVID19, how can I answer the budget questions?
18. If I rent my space and use it for business, do I qualify?
19. Is the grant amount guaranteed to be $5000?