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Overbid Funds

If your property goes to foreclosure auction sale and is purchased for more than the total owed to the lender and to all other lien holders, please contact our office at 303-271-8580 after the sale because you may have funds due to you. 

Finder's Fee

It is now illegal to charge a Finder's Fee to help homeowners recover overbid funds until at least 2.5 years after the foreclosure action has occured.

Online Sales

Effective October 7, 2021, Public Trustee Foreclosure Sales will now be held online. See our Lender Bids and Bidding page to learn more.

Our office conducts foreclosure auctions using GovEase and we are aware that there are websites advertising foreclosure sales; however these websites are not affiliated with the Jefferson County Public Trustee and may contain inaccurate or out of date information. Please visit our foreclosure search to view accurate information pertaining to active foreclosures.

Need Foreclosure Assistance? 

The Community Economic Defense Project is a Colorado-based non-profit organization that offers free financial assistance to eligible homeowners who are behind on their mortgage, utilities, HOA fees, property tax, lot rent and homeowners insurance through the Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program.  

(303) 838-1200 [email protected];

About the Public Trustee’s Office

The Jefferson County Public Trustee’s office provides services relating to real estate foreclosures and releases of deeds of trust. The Public Trustee also acts as escrow agent for collection of property taxes under a contract for deed or designates an alternate agent within the county. Get more information about the following topics:


The Public Trustee has used all reasonable efforts to ensure that the pages and other information on this website do not contain any inaccurate or out-of-date information; however, we can make no guarantee or warranties as to the accuracy or the timeliness of the data. If you believe any material contained in this webpage is inaccurate, please call 303-271-8580.

Foreclosures documents in the County Records

Foreclosure documents are public records and are recorded with the Clerk and Recorder's office in the county indexing records. Even though you may have cured your default or the foreclosure action has otherwise been withdrawn, the records remain permanently available to the public for viewing.

If you would like to purchase a copy of a recorded document, the Clerk and Recorder can be reached at 303-271-8121.