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Sheriff's Office

  1. Columbine Records Request Form
  2. Contact the Sheriff's Office
  3. Report Coyote Behavior
  4. Volunteer Victim Advocate 2021 Supplemental Questionnaire

    Volunteer Victim Advocate 2021 Supplemental Questionnaire

  1. Commendations & Complaints
  2. Patch Request

    The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office shoulder patch is available to collectors. Please, one patch per person only. If you wish to... More…

  3. Request for Extra Patrol

    If you would like to request our deputies come by your residence, business or neighborhood more often, please complete the form. Once... More…

  4. Volunteer Victim Advocate Application

    THIS IS A VOLUNTEER, UNPAID POSITION Under limited supervision, a Volunteer Victim Advocate will perform specialized counseling work... More…