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Short Term Rentals Survey

  1. About

    Jefferson County Planning and Zoning is seeking public input related to Short-Term Rentals in unincorporated Jefferson County (i.e. outside cities and towns) as a part of upcoming regulation amendments. An online survey is now available to gather information on this topic. Planning staff will use survey results to inform the Zoning Resolution update before proposing draft regulation changes as the next step in the process. A “Short-Term Rental” is a single-family detached dwelling (house) or portion thereof that is rented out for accommodations or lodging for a period of fewer than 30 consecutive days. These properties are often rented through websites such as Airbnb and VRBO. Please share your thoughts about Short-Term Rentals in the unincorporated areas of the County and how they should be regulated by taking the online survey. The informational survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will remain open through December 14, 2020.

  2. Background

    Current Zoning Resolution regulations regarding Short-Term Rentals require a minimum lot size of 1-acre, only allow the activity in single-family detached houses (does not include Accessory Dwelling Units), and approval by the Board of Adjustment at a public hearing among other requirements. In addition, staff has received input from county residents that the existing regulations do not adequately address the impacts of Short-Term Rentals and place an undue burden on residents wishing to operate a Short-Term Rental.

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  18. Should Short-Term Rentals be allowed in Accessory Dwelling Units?*

    Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs are accessory residences on a property where there is already a home. These are sometimes called mother-in-law apartments. They can be separate structures or could be in a basement or above a garage.

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