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JCOS - Commercial Activity - Guides

  1. Disclaimer
    Information submitted on this form will be sent via unsecured email. To protect sensitive information, do not enter the following items or similar information on this form: Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account information, routing numbers, credit card numbers, medical information, passport numbers, and passwords. Please review our privacy policy located at By submitting this form, you acknowledge and accept the terms listed in the privacy policy.
  2. Commercial Activity Application - Guiding
    Permitted activities must be appropriate to the mission of Jeffco Open Space; complement resource protection, visitor protection and interpretation goals; and not pose any potential for derogation of values or purposes for which JCOS was established.
  3. Currently, the following guided and/or instructed activities may be permitted by JCOS: Guided Rock/Ice Climbing; Guided River trips including: Rafting, Kayaking, SUP, etc.; Guided Mountain Biking; Commercial Tours; Guided Hiking; Guided Fishing; Guided/Instructional Hang-gliding and para-gliding
  4. Contact Informtaion
    Annual permits will be mailed to this address
  5. Permit Type*
  6. Permit Delivery*
    Would you like to pick up your permit at the Jefferson County Open Space office, or have it mailed to the above address?
  7. For Single Day Only
  8. Maximum number of clients per occurrence
  9. Guided Activities*
    Please select all activities that you would like to guide on JCOS managed land
  10. If other, please explain
  11. All vehicles with logos require mirror hang tags, which will be provided
  12. Attachments
  13. Please submit a list of all current guides who will be issued permits. If additional guides are added at a later date, please notify JCOS immediately so that we may send additional permits.
  14. Please upload your Certificate of Insurance. Certificates of Insurance must include Jefferson County Open Space as a certificate holder and as an additionally insured.
  15. If your organization operated last year, please submit a post-use report of all services rendered on JCOS managed land with total number of clients and revenue. The standardized form can be found on the JCOS Permits page and must be returned as a .xlsx file type.
  16. A current brochure of your rates or your website that has the current information, such as rates, and trip dates. Please include an itinerary of the specific dates, areas of the park, and number of clients expected.
  17. Please attach your predicted use report of anticipated dates, parks, and numbers of participants
  18. Returning companies or organizations are required to attach a standard year-end reporting form*
    The standardized year-end reporting form can be found here, under Commercial Activity:
  19. Electronic Signature Agreement*
    I (we) hereby swear or affirm, under penalty of perjury, that the information given here is true and correct. The typed signature below indicates this individual, or the legal entity the individual represents (as applicable), accepts responsibility for the activity and agrees to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  20. Receive a Copy of Your Submission
    By checking the box below, you will receive a copy of the application you are submitting; however, this does not mean that your application has been approved. We will contact you within 10 business days to let you know the status of your application.
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