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JCOS - General Use Park Permit Application


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  • Disclaimer

    Information submitted on this form will be sent via unsecured email. To protect sensitive information, do not enter the following items or similar information on this form: Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account information, routing numbers, credit card numbers, medical information, passport numbers, and passwords. Please review our privacy policy located at By submitting this form, you acknowledge and accept the terms listed in the privacy policy.

  • Step One

    1. Please consider the following prior to submitting this application:

      We do not permit amplified sound, structures, decorations or athletic/party games.
      Please read all of the park regulations before submitting this application.

      In order to ensure sufficient time to process your permit, please submit this form no less than ten business days prior to your event and please allow up to ten business days for processing and response. Applications will not be reviewed outside of six (6) months in advance.

      Issuance of a permit is based on time, location, and capacity limits of each park.

    2. Point of Contact Onsite During Event

    3. Contact Info. of Event Organizer

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