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Temporary Elections Worker Interest Form

  1. Temporary Elections Worker Interest Form
    Please fill out this online form for consideration as a temporary elections worker with the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder.
  2. Text messaging will be used to communicate with hired workers, are you willing to accept SMS text messages?*


  3. Can you speak and translate any language other than English?
    • Per state statute, ALL positions are paid. We do NOT offer volunteer positions.
    • You will be an employee of JobStore, a temporary staffing agency, but assigned to work with Jefferson County Elections.
    • Please note per Colorado statues we are unable to contact "unaffiliated" judges until we have exhausted all major party caucus lists and no sooner than 60 days prior to the election. 
  4. Are you registered to vote in Colorado?*

    You must be a Colorado registered voter. 

  5. Political Party*
  6. Did you sign up at Caucus to be an Election Judge?
  7. To best place you please answer the following questions:
  8. Do you enjoy working with the public?*
  9. Are you confident using a computer, researching in multiple databases, and using complex passwords?*
  10. Are you comfortable siting for up to 12 hours in a day*
  11. Are you comfortable standing/moving for up to 12 hours in a day*
  12. Some positions require working for more than 12 hours on Election day, are you willing to work a longer day, if necessary?
  13. **** The Saturday before Election Day is Mandatory and Election Day can be more than 12 hours of work****

  14. Please select the position you are interested in below:
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