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Jefferson County - Stadium District Funding Application

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  3. Jefferson County Youth Partnership Program

    Jefferson County Stadium District Funding Application

    This program aims to provide support and resources to the youth in Jefferson County, helping them develop skills and stay on a positive path toward their future.

  4. Jefferson County received $1.107M from the sale of the Denver Broncos from the Metropolitan Football Stadium District.  This funding is to be used specifically for youth programs and activities. We are inviting community members to collaborate with us via this grant opportunity.

    The goal of providing this funding opportunity to community partners is to invest in programs, activities, and other initiatives that enhance the development, well-being, and growth of the youth. The guiding principles in this endeavor prioritize inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility. This initiative will empower young individuals by providing them with abundant opportunities for personal growth, skill enhancement, and meaningful experiences. The aim is to enrich their lives and, in turn, make a significant contribution to the overall well-being of the community.

    The funding will be allocated across four primary priority categories:

    1. Social Engagement: This category emphasizes active youth involvement in initiatives such as job skills training and community-building events, such as library-based ice cream socials, fostering a sense of community and engagement among young people.
    2. Infrastructure and  Equipment: This includes the construction of essential facilities like sensory playgrounds, alongside the acquisition of necessary equipment, enhancing the accessibility of these facilities.
    3. Program Enrichment: This category aims to enhance youth access to diverse activities through strategic measures like youth transportation services and a mobile arts and crafts initiative, ensuring a rich and engaging program offering for the youth.
    4. Scholarship Support: Funding will be directed toward enabling children's participation in a wide range of enriching activities, as well as providing daycare for young children, making sure that all children can access these opportunities.

    To achieve these objectives, collaborative efforts and thorough consideration are essential. The aspiration is to create a lasting legacy of impactful investments that nurture a thriving and supportive environment for the community's youth, ultimately contributing to the creation of a brighter and more promising future for all residents of Jefferson County. 

  5. Section I: Cover Letter (one page)

    Include the purpose of the grant request and a brief description of how the request fits with the Jefferson County Stadium District Funding Grant Program mission and grantmaking priorities.

  6. Please type your cover letter here. Please limit to 500 words.

  7. Section II: Individual or Organization Information
  8. Individual Only Section

    If applying as an Organization please complete the Organization Only Section.


  9. Community Project

    Are you applying on behalf of a community group, such as a sports team or league? 

  10. Organization Only Section

    If applying as an Individual please complete the Individual Only Section.

  11. Please attach a copy of your completed and signed W9  This will be needed for your tax filing purposes.

    You can download the blank W9 from the IRS website for your convenience.

  12. Tax Exemption Status:
  13. Section III. Grant Request Information
  14. The maximum award for each project request is $200,000.

  15. All project requests must have a 20% match in funding. 

    Match is 20% of the project budget that will be funded by the applicant. For example, if you are requesting $200,000, your required match amount will be $40,000.

    20% of the project budget should be funded by the applicant.

    An In-kind (donated staff time, volunteer services, etc.) 20% match is acceptable.

  16. Which Primary Priority Category is this Request?*

    Please check which one or multiple. One is required.

  17. Type of Grant Requested *

    (Select One)

    Capital Expenditures are the money a company spends to buy, improve, or take care of things like land, buildings, machinery, or technology. Capital Expenditures are used to start new projects or make existing items better.

  18. Please provide a comprehensive description of the project or plan for which you are seeking funds. Include all relevant details, objectives, and goals.

  19. Present a clear and specific timeline outlining when the allocated funds will be utilized. Include start and end dates for each phase of the project, if applicable.

  20. Indicate the geographic location within Jefferson County where these funds will be used.

  21. Provide a detailed explanation of the problem or issue that this funding is intended to address. Specify how the project will contribute to resolving this issue.

  22. Describe the estimated number of individuals who are expected to benefit from this project. Include any relevant demographics or characteristics of the target beneficiaries.

  23. Please indicate an age range for your project.

  24. Explain how you intend to monitor and report on the utilization of funds. Provide details on the reporting frequency and format.

    A Reporting Tool may be provided by the County with a Contract if awarded.

  25. Financial Information
  26. Please use the following template to complete your detailed budget for Stadium District Funds. Budget Template

    Please save your copy and upload your completed budget template when complete.

  27. Please upload your organizational year-to-date financial statement if applicable or available.

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