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Board of County Commissioners

  1. Contact the Board of County Commissioners
  2. Volunteer Boards & Commissions Application

    Please fill out the form to be considered for a Jefferson County volunteer board or commission.

  1. Request a Proclamation

    To request a Board of County Commissioner proclamation, please fill out this form.

Clerk & Recorder

  1. Contact the Clerk and Recorder's Office
  2. Elections Email Notification

    Submit this form to get immediate notification of Jeffco Election announcements and official notifications sent directly to your email... More…

  3. Motor Vehicle Change of Address
  1. Elections Data Request Form
  2. Motor Vehicle - Feedback Form
  3. Temporary Elections Worker Interest Form

    Please fill out this online form for consideration as a temporary elections worker with the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder.

Head Start

  1. Head Start Contact Form

    Thank you for your interest in Head Start!

  1. Volunteer Interest Form

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Head Start! Please fill out the below survey and we will be in touch within 7 business... More…

Human Services

  1. Child Support Services Customer Update Form

    To update your information, simply fill out the following form and click the submit button. That will send the information to our team... More…

  2. Contact the Human Services Department
  3. Veterans Services Form

    Jefferson County Veterans Services Office assists Jefferson County residents who served in the United States armed forces obtain any... More…

  1. Community Development - Information Request Form

    Please fill out the questions below to help us send you the correct information.

  2. Sponsor a Family this Holiday!

    Calling all generous donors to join in making the holiday season a little brighter for families.

  3. Welfare Fraud Complaint Form

Open Space

  1. Contact Jeffco Open Space
  2. History Programs Registration
  3. Human-Wildlife Interaction Report Form

    Jeffco Open Space staff track human-wildlife interactions in our parks and surrounding neighborhoods. Jeffco Open Space strives to... More…

  4. JCOS - Commercial Activity - Other

    This form is to be completed by anyone who wishes to host a commercial activity or service on Jeffco Open Space managed lands.

  5. JCOS - Commercial Activity - Product Demo

    This form is to be completed by anyone who wishes to conduct a product demo on JCOS managed lands

  6. JCOS - Fixed Hardware Review Committee Application

    This form is to be completed by anyone wishing to join the citizen based fixed hardware review committee which reviews all applications... More…

  7. JCOS - School Groups Permit Application

    This form is to be completed by any school group wishing to use JCOS managed land for any purpose.

  8. Pine Valley Ranch Park Picnic Shelter Application
  1. General Use Park Permit Application

    In order to ensure sufficient time to process your permit, please submit this form no less than five business days prior and no more... More…

  2. Hiwan Heritage Park Grove Application
  3. JCOS - Commercial Activity - Guides

    This form is to be completed by anyone who wishes to host guiding services on Jeffco Open Space managed lands.

  4. JCOS - Commercial Activity - Photography

    This form is to be completed by anyone wishing to take photographs on JCOS managed land for any professional purpose.

  5. JCOS - Fixed Hardware Installation

    This form is to be completed by anyone wishing to install fixed hardware for the purpose of rock climbing or slack-lining on any... More…

  6. JCOS - Research and Collections Permit Application

    This form is to be completed by anyone who wishes to collect any biological resource elements, or to conduct research activities, from... More…

  7. Jeffco Open Space Raptor Monitoring Data Sheet

Public Health

  1. Contact the Public Health Department
  2. Public Health Nurse Home Referral Form

    Please call us at 303-232-6301 with questions about our nurse home visitor programs.

  3. Report a Public Health Problem
  4. Report Food-Related Illness

    Fill out this online form to report a possible food related illness from a restaurant. The location of the restaurant must be within... More…

  1. Public Health Insurance Benefits Assistance

    Need help using Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) or Child Health Plan Plus Coverage? Jefferson County Public Health... More…

  2. Report a Dead Animal / Bird
  3. Report a Public Health Website Error
  4. Subscribe to the Jeffco Health Alert Network

    Please provide the following information so we can add you to the network to receive important health alerts. These health alerts come... More…

Sheriff's Office

  1. Academy Role Player
  2. Contact the Sheriff's Office
  3. Patch Request
  4. Request for Extra Patrol

    If you would like to request our deputies come by your residence, business or neighborhood more often, please complete the form. Once... More…

  5. Safety in Faith - Standard Response Protocol

    Join us on May 1 for Dr. Benke’s presentation on Standard Response Protocol.

  1. Commendations & Complaints
  2. Jeffco Sheriff's Youth Academy Application
  3. Report Coyote Behavior
  4. Request for Tours and Presentations
  5. Test Your Sheriff Knowledge

    How well will you score?