Hunting and Fishing


Colorado Parks and Wildlife issues hunting licenses and offers an abundance of hunter education resources including hunt planning guides, an interactive hunting atlas, and maps.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife is responsible for managing fish hatcheries and stocking, as well as issuing fishing licenses. They also provide a fishing atlas on their website that can be used as a virtual scouting tool to help filter your fishing preferences. 

Trout Unlimited is the state's leading non-profit in conservation, protection, and restoration in Colorado's coldwater fisheries and watersheds. They host a number of community fishing events, provide information on native trout, and manage various habitat restoration projects.

Ranching for Wildlife

The Ranching for Wildlife program is a wildlife management partnership between ranchers and hunters. Ranchers provide hunting access to their land free of charge to those who draw licenses. Participating ranchers are required to improve habitat on their ranch for game and non-game animals.

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