Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture

Jefferson Conservation District (JCD) provides conservation education and planning services to urban farmers interested in topics such as high-tunnels, soil health, cover crops, pasture management, and irrigation. JCD can help search for funding assistance where appropriate. Services are provided in partnership with NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service). JCD is available at 720-661-1738.

For new farmers and ranchers looking to expand their business, CSU Extension provides research-based information and education on urban agriculture, and offers a series of evening classes to help new farmers and ranchers build sustainable businesses.

The Small Acreage Management program from CSU Extension and the U.S. Department of Agriculture acts as an additional resource for landowners to find educational materials and connect to resources and services. You can find information about livestock, pasture/range management, soil, crops, weeds, and more on their website.

Equipment Rental

In partnership with GoFarm, Jefferson Conservation District rents small equipment (such as roto-tiller, seeder, broadfork) to urban farmers.

Food Preservation

Jefferson County CSU Extension offers classes on food preservation and safety to help you get the most out of your home garden or hobby farm.

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