Vegetation Management

Gardening Resources

Jefferson County CSU Extension offers extensive classes, resources, and advice about caring for garden plants and diagnosing plant health problems. If you have questions about your plants, certified Master Gardeners are available May-September through a hotline 303-271-6632 or email [email protected].

Gardening and landscaping with native plants helps manage noxious weeds and provides food for native birds and beneficial insects. Jefferson County CSU Extension Natural Resources program provides an inclusive list of resources helpful to planning and caring for a native plant garden, including low-water native plant guides, plant reference lists, and a plant sourcing guide. The Native Plant Master Program from CSU Extension is another way to learn about native plants through classes, certifications, and volunteer opportunities.

Noxious Weed Management

Jeffco Invasive Species Management provides technical support to private and public landowners to assist them in identifying and managing noxious weeds and ensuring compliance with the Colorado Noxious Weed Act.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture website offers a wide range of resources including a species identification page, detailed mapping information, recent publications on noxious weeds, and tips on early detection.

For large acre noxious weed mitigation projects, Jefferson Conservation District offers education and technical assistance to help landowners use native plants to address noxious weed issues. Jefferson Conservation District also offers native grass and wildflower seeds for purchase. These seeds are selected for species that thrive in Jefferson County’s native plant communities and soil types. Jefferson Conservation District is available at 720-661-1738.

Detailed information on managing weeds in Colorado can also be found through CSU Extension’s Small Acreage Management program.

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