Water Quality

Well Water Systems

If your water contains contaminants that exceed safe drinking water standards, treatment methods are available for household use. Jeffco Public Health offers resources and information on inspecting and testing a private well water system. For testing kits, contact a private lab or the Colorado Department of Health & Environment

Contact Environmental Health Services at Jeffco Public Health, 303-232-6301, for further assistance in determining whether treatment is desirable and, if so, what methods are available.

Wastewater Treatment

On-site wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) are an environmentally sound method of wastewater disposal in areas where public sewers are not available. 

Jeffco Public Health provides resources on regulations, permitting, and tips for operating an OWTS. You can now get immediate access to septic system documents and records, including septic tank locations.

Public Water Systems

If you are serviced by Denver Water, you can access water quality reports, information regarding their lead reduction program, FAQs, and contamination information.

General Information

The CSU Colorado Water Knowledge website provides a large number of resources, including a detailed explanation of water quality, historical legislation protecting water quality, and offers an online assessment tool for water samples. CSU also provides a fact sheet on protecting water quality and the environment around your home.

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