Plant Care

Classes, resources, and advice about caring for garden plants and diagnosing and managing disease is offered by Jefferson County CSU Extension. If you have questions about your plants, certified Master Gardeners are available May-September through a hotline 303-271-6632 or over email [email protected].

The on-site walk-in plant diagnostic clinic, offers a diagnosis of fungal and bacterial infection, viruses, and pine wilt nematode detection. Visit the plant diagnostic clinic website for instructions on bringing a sample and information about services and fees.

CSU Extension also offers LawnCheck services to evaluate the health of your lawn.

Jefferson County CSU Extension office manages an on-site Research and Demonstration Garden with educational displays of water-wise and climate tested plants as well as ongoing garden plant research. Contact CSU Extension to find more information and education opportunities.

Native Plant Gardening

Gardening and landscaping with native plants helps manage noxious weeds and provides food for native birds and beneficial insects. Jefferson County CSU Extension Natural Resources program offers an inclusive list of resources helpful to planning and caring for a native plant garden, including low-water native plant guides, plant reference lists, and a plant sourcing guide. The Native Plant Master Program from CSU Extension is another way to learn about native plants through classes, certifications, and volunteer opportunities.

For large acre native plant projects, Jefferson Conservation District offers education and technical assistance to help landowners use native plants to address noxious weed issues. Jefferson Conservation District also offers native grass and wildflower seeds for purchase. These seeds are selected for species that thrive in Jefferson County’s native plant communities and soil types. Jefferson Conservation District is available at 720-661-1738. 

Colorado Native Plant Society is a nonprofit organization that provides a variety of resources on Colorado native plants. They have information on how to garden with native plants, provide photos and habitat information on the different life zones in Colorado, and they offer a plant database. They also have  seminars on topics such as plant identification in the winter, how to design a garden, and high altitude gardening. 

The Denver Botanic Gardens website has water-wise resources that teach how to conserve water while maintaining a thriving garden. They offer seminars on topics such as gardening for pollinators and the seven principles of water-smart gardening. 

Plant Select is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with CSU and the Denver Botanic Gardens to provide information on non-invasive plants that are sustainable in the high plains and intermountain regions of Colorado. Their website offers free garden designs, detailed information on recommended flora, and a video series on gardening topics. 

Garden Pests and Disease

The Colorado State Forest Service provides extensive reports and data on pests and plant disease across the state, as well as those specific to the Golden area. The Forest Service also provides additional resources for homeowners to manage forest pests on their land. 

Jeffco Invasive Species Management provides extensive resources and offers solutions relating to the identification, eradication, and control of noxious weeds and pests.

Food Preservation

Jefferson County CSU Extension offers classes on food preservation and safety to help you get the most out of your home garden.

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