Are animals and pets allowed at Jeffco Fairgrounds?
  • Animals (including pets) are not allowed in meeting rooms, exhibit halls, office spaces, restroom/shower facilities or near the playground structure. The only exception is for working service animals.
  • Horses are not permitted in the pedestrian plaza between the Exhibit Halls and the Fairgrounds/CSU Extension Office, on any bluegrass area or in the Picnic Pavilion area. Please observe all “No Horses Beyond This Point” signage on the property.
  • Additional rules and restrictions may apply for activities and events held at the Fairgrounds and can change at any time. Please check with each event for any additional restrictions.
  • Pets must be kept kenneled or on a leash (and under physical control of owner) at all times. Pet owners are responsible for immediate cleanup and proper disposal of pet waste. Waste stations are located throughout the Fairgrounds for convenience.
  • Off-leash pet compliance is permitted only with proper and necessary permit(s) from Jefferson County Animal Control and approval from the Fairgrounds Director.
  • When animals are used as part of an event, all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations dealing with the humane treatment of animals must be fully complied with. It is the responsibility of the owner/exhibitor/handler/agent for each animal being brought to the Fairgrounds to be aware of and adhere to the most current regulations and rules regarding animal transportation, disease control, vaccinations and health documentation requirement, in accordance with Jefferson County, the State of Colorado and Federal Law.
  • Any person found using unethical practices or mistreating an animal at the Fairgrounds will be immediately removed from the premises and reported to the proper authorities.

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