National Human Trafficking Hotline

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Phone: 1-888-373-7888

Text Line: 233733

Service: Provide safety planning that can include risk assessments, preparation, and contingency plans to increase the safety of victims or individuals at-risk for human trafficking, as well as any agency or individual assisting a victim. Safety plans: 

  • Assess the current risk and identify current and potential safety concerns.
  • Create strategies for avoiding or reducing the threat of harm. 
  • Outline concrete options for responding when safety is threatened or compromised. 

Additional Resources: 

  • Potential red flags for human trafficking situations
  • General Safety tips
  • Online Safety 
  • Safety Apps for Smart Phones 
  • Safety Tips for Suspicious Employment
  • Safety Tips for Domestic or International Travel
  • Safety Tips for Suspicious or Controlling Relationships 
  • Safety Tips when Leaving a Human Trafficking Situation
  • Safety Tips after Exiting a Human Trafficking Situation 
  • Tips for Communicating with Someone in a Trafficking or Dangerous Situation 

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