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Beaver Brook Trail


Beaver Brook map

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  1. Dog-Friendly (On Leash Only)
  2. Hiker Only Trails
  3. Hiking
  4. Trail Difficulty - Most

Trail Description

Beaver Brook Trail is a challenging hiker only trail connecting Windy Saddle Park, Clear Creek Canyon Park, and Denver Mountain Parks' Genesee Mountain Park. This trail generates a high number of lost and/or injured visitors, so please remember your starting point and be prepared by bringing a map, water, and food. The trail is not a loop and is 10 miles one way with limited trail makers. Learn more.

Trailhead Addresses

Windy Saddle Park Trailhead

1277 Lookout Mountain Road
Golden, CO 80401

Beaver Brook Trailhead

I-70 Exit 253, Stapleton Drive
Golden, CO 80401

On I-70, take exit 253 and head north. Turn right onto Stapleton Road and follow it to the parking lot on the left.

Features: Dog-Friendly (On Leash Only); Hiker Only Trails; Hiking; Trail Difficulty - Most