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1. I am the legal next of kin and my loved one is at the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office. What are the next steps?
2. I am the next of kin and there is property at the coroner's office that I need to pick up. How can I do that?
3. I'm not the next of kin, but I would like information about the death of a friend or relative. What information can I obtain?
4. If an autopsy is required for my loved one, will I be charged a fee?
5. May I view or visually identify my relative at the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office?
6. My loved one has died and I have no money to pay a mortuary to handle the arrangements. What can I do?
7. What records does the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office produce?
8. What volunteer or internship opportunities are available with the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office?
9. When a person dies, where is the body taken?
10. When is an autopsy performed, and what if I disagree with the decision regarding autopsy for my loved one?
11. When must the coroner's office be notified of a death?