An owner of a property died. How do I remove this owner’s name from the deed?

When an owner on a deed dies, the death certificate may need to be recorded with the Clerk and Recorder. For more information on recording a death certificate, visit the Clerk and Recorder website or reach them at 303-271-8121. 

The rest of the process depends on what kind of ownership the property is.  

If the property is joint tenancy, the recording of a death certificate may result in the deceased owner being removed, but we still recommend getting legal advice from an attorney or probate court to be certain. 

If the property is tenants in common, the recording of the death certificate will not automatically result in the deceased owner being removed. You will need to contact probate court or an attorney to have the deceased owner removed. If a Personal Representative's Deed is recorded for public record, the Letters of Testamentary appointing the Personal Representative of the estate must also be recorded. The Assessor’s Office is unable to provide any legal advice.  Probate court can be reached at 720-772-2500 and is located at 100 Jefferson County Parkway Golden, CO  80419. 

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