What if my temporary tag is about to expire?

Did you know most people can register their new vehicles online? If you are unable to register your vehicle online, please use our live chat or email us so we can assist you.

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1. Can I send my spouse / child / neighbor / friend to pick up plates for my new vehicle?
2. Can I title / register my vehicle in Jefferson County if I live in another county?
3. Does Colorado have a grace period on registrations?
4. I am not currently driving my vehicle. Do I still need to register it?
5. I just moved to Colorado. How much time do I have before I must register my car?
6. At what age is my vehicle eligible for collector plates?
7. What if my temporary tag is about to expire?
8. What if I need to renew my plates?
9. What if I need an emissions test?
10. What if I bought my car from a private party and I need a temporary tag?