Would like an update on the Evergreen Dog Park

Answered by Matt Robbins, Community Connections Manager

Phase I (planning) of the formal restoration project begun in early 2018 and successfully completed on time and under budget in early 2019. 

Phase II (construction) will begin in April or May 2019 or as soon as the weather permits and the ground thaws. Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) staff will be working alongside a team of contractors to conduct on-the-ground restoration efforts, and multiple opportunities will be created for volunteers to assist.

  • Although the bulk of construction should be complete in 2019, Phase II of the restoration project is expected to continue into 2021.
  • The long-term goal remains to re-open the site as part of Elk Meadow Park with regular rules and regulations (e.g., dogs on leash).
  • Regular updates are posted to the JCOS website, including photos of work in progress.

In addition to the site stabilization and restoration plan, Jefferson County staff continues to work with private and public land owners to identify a sustainable location for a new off-leash area in the Evergreen community.

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