What role do you see economic development playing in the county’s future?

Answered at the event

Libby Szabo: It always plays a big role, and it’s the people in this room that create the jobs for our citizens. As your local government, we try and create that base in which we don’t tax you too much, we let you develop your land and we support you in all you do so that you can run a thriving business – in that, it will create jobs for residents and those that commute in to work in Jeffco.

Lesley Dahlkemper: Our economy is thriving. We also know from our business community, is that workforce readiness is very important to you, especially in the STEM careers and construction and trades. If we come back to our partnership theme, we see incredible work across the board with our businesses and school district to provide opportunities to students to get first-hand experience in these areas.

Casey Tighe: A good economy is crucial to a high quality of life. One of the challenges we have is the Gallagher Amendment and the different ways that commercial and residential property is assessed. It’s crucial for our school district, special districts and the county that we have a healthy economy with a strong business community and that we have a good mix of residential and commercial zoning. That’s why collaboration is so important to have discussions about how we want the county to grow, how we mix in open space to development. 

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4. What role do you see economic development playing in the county’s future?
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