What are the priority transportation projects for the county?

Answered at the event

Casey Tighe: Particularly on the northwest side of the county, traffic is really becoming a challenge and we’re seeing more development on that corridor. We’re working closely to try and get the WestConnect project done.

Libby Szabo: I am the board appointee to DRCOG. We’ve recently working out our TIP process. Working collaboratively with our cities, I think we have a good plan to be able to put forward good projects that I hope will be voted on. We’ve started a new process this year where two categories were created for larger projects and smaller projects; we’ll see how that works, but it seems that it would work better for the smaller cities and counties that are involved.

Lesley Dahlkemper: It’s also about looking at multi-modal transportation and how we accommodate that for citizens and community members here in Jefferson County. And also about working with our partners at CDOT. It’s looking at how do we work with our communities, CDOT and other partners to make sure that traffic is moving, people are staying safe in some specific areas.

Don Davis: The northwest corridor is something that has been talked about for a long time; we’re really close and working hard on that. We are making an effort to prioritize our repair and maintenance efforts by putting some science behind it to better estimate and forecast our requirements in the future. There has been talk about the Jefferson Parkway for several years and we’re still working on trying to get that done. We’re talking about different funding challenges and looking into different ways to fund road projects like this one – things like public-private partnerships and toll roads. We don’t have a long list of transportation projects right now because funding just isn’t there for those projects, especially since the couple of state initiatives were voted down last year.

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