With so many new elected officials, how does the county stay efficient?

Answered at the event

Casey Tighe: We’ve got great employees at Jefferson County. As new elected officials come in, it’s great that they bring a new energy and new ideas. But when you have great employees already on the ground, they can help counsel those new elected. I’ve been talking with many of our new officials and they have been very impressed with the employees in their offices.

Lesley Dahlkemper: Another advantage we have is that we make it a point to work together as elected officials. We meet monthly, we don’t hesitate to text or call each other to really think through the complex issues we have ahead. We have a great team with different perspectives, and I think that makes us stronger as a team.

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1. With so many new elected officials, how does the county stay efficient?
2. This week, the legislature has become locked in partisan politics. How do the commissioners rise above that partisanship to work for us instead of the political parties?
3. What are the priority transportation projects for the county?
4. What role do you see economic development playing in the county’s future?
5. Colorado has seen increased population gains. How is the county working to foster opportunities that promote growth but also protect the traditions and values of our community?
6. Would like an update on the Jefferson Parkway project – next steps, county involvement.
7. Would like an update on the Evergreen Dog Park
8. Will you reject I.C.I.L.I and UN Agenda 21 initiatives for home rule?