What should I do now?

As soon as possible, the legal next-of-kin should select a mortuary and inform the mortuary that the case is being handled by the Jefferson County Coroner's Office. Ask them to please contact us. Should the death of your relative/friend occur on a weekend or holiday, you may still contact the mortuary. Our office does not select mortuaries. In the event arrangements are being made on behalf of the next-of-kin, it is preferable that the Coroner's Office be provided with written authorization, signed by the legal next-of-kin, to release the decedent. If this is not possible, please call the Coroner's Office for assistance. In the event someone is making arrangements for the family, it is preferable that the Coroner's Office be provided with written authorization signed by the legal next-of-kin to release the decedent.

A fax can be sent directly to 303-271-6488. The following format should be used:


RELEASE THE REMAINS OF MY (relationship and name of decedent) 

TO: (name of mortuary selected). SIGNED: (name and relationship).

If the decedent is to be transported out of state, the name of the local mortuary that will be picking up the decedent must be included.

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4. What should I do now?
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