Smart Home Devices Bring Convenience and Some Dangers

Traditionally, only a few of your devices at home could connect to the Internet, such as your laptop, smartphone, or gaming console. However today, more and more devices are connecting to the Internet, from your light bulbs and speakers on your TV, to locks on your door or even your car. These connected devices often go by the name of Internet of Things (IoT) or Smart Home devices.

While these connected devices bring a great deal of convenience, they also bring unique dangers.  This article outlines a number of issues with home devices like Nest and Ring. This article offers 8 great tips on things you can do to reduce your risk.

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1. Child Identity Fraud Study
2. Help Deter Identity Theft By Freezing Your Credit
3. Protect Your Children Online
4. Keeping Kids Safe Online
5. Mortgage Title Fraud or Theft
6. Stop Cyberbullying
7. Smart Home Devices Bring Convenience and Some Dangers