Where do I contact utility companies?

Utility Company Contacts (PDF) 

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1. Do I need a permit for...?
2. How can I register my HOA?
3. How do I define the front lot line?
4. How do I demonstrate access to my property?
5. How do I determine building height?
6. How do I ensure that I am meeting lot area requirements?
7. How do I establish a legal nonconforming use?
8. How do I look up a permit?
9. How do I measure property setbacks?
10. How do I obtain an address for my property in Unincorporated Jefferson County?
11. How do I obtain an ISDS permit on my property?
12. How do I place a fence on a property?
13. How do I place a sign on a property?
14. I called for my building inspection and found an Improvement Location Certificate (ILC) is needed. Why?
15. The Assessor’s information shows a certain use for my property, is this my zoning?
16. What are my setbacks?
17. When will I (or my registered association) receive notification of a land development application?
18. What should I know about Mountain Living?
19. Where do I contact utility companies?