What is Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport doing about noise?

We have a proactive noise abatement program that includes maps and guidelines for airport users. We meet with flight schools and other tenants to continually emphasize the importance of mitigating noise, and it is often a topic during our quarterly brief. The noise abatement program is designed to help the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport users coexist peacefully with the surrounding communities. It is every pilot's responsibility to follow the airport recommended noise abatement procedures, while staying within safe aircraft operational parameters; however, we can't control the traffic after it departs. This is the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) area of authority.

Additionally, we continue to advise surrounding cities and developers about how the airport will affect their developments. In some neighborhoods, avigation easements are included in the closing paperwork so residents are aware of the potential hazards associated with living near the airport. We will continue to make recommendations and promote our noise abatement program to try to minimize the impact of aircraft noise as much as possible. Contact us for any further questions at 303-271-4850.

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