Is there a penalty for not obtaining a use permit?

Failure to obtain a use permit may subject the owner who sold the property to a penalty as assessed under the provisions of Colorado state law. The purchaser is not subject to this penalty.

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1. Are there any other exceptions to the requirement for obtaining a use permit?
2. Aren't most systems already being inspected when properties sell?
3. Can I obtain a use permit for a vacant dwelling or structure?
4. Does a use permit inspection include wells or other water sources?
5. How can I renew a use permit?
6. How does the use permit program work?
7. How long are use permits valid?
8. How long will it take to issue a use permit?
9. How much does the inspection cost?
10. Is there a penalty for not obtaining a use permit?
11. Must repair work be completed before the property is sold?
12. Do I need to have a buyer lined up before getting a use permit?
13. Once I have the inspection report forms, what is the next step?
14. Are other property transfers or changes in ownership exempt from the use permit requirement?
15. What about structures that have burned or are otherwise uninhabitable at the time of sale?
16. What are the circumstances when a use permit cannot be approved?
17. What do the inspectors look for?
18. What does the department do before issuing the use permit?
19. What forms do the inspectors use?
20. What happens when the ground is snow covered?
21. What if the inspector makes a mistake and approves a system that should have failed?
22. What information will you report from the original OWTS installation file?
23. What is the Department's application fee?
24. What is the difference between pass/fail and yes/no items on these inspection forms?
25. What is the Jefferson County use permit program?
26. What must be done with systems that cannot be approved for a use permit?
27. Who should I contact for additional information on use permits?
28. Why did the county adopt this use permit program?
29. Will a dwelling with a pit-privy or outhouse qualify for a use permit?
30. Will the system need to be updated if the original permit was for a 3-bedroom house that is now listed as a 5-bedroom?