When are you going to plow our streets?

See the Snowplowing & Ice Control Procedure approved by the Board of County Commissioners. 

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1. When are you going to plow our streets?
2. How many snow routes are there?
3. How long does it take to completely plow one route?
4. How many lane miles of road do you plow?
5. How many employees does it take to plow these routes?
6. Who repairs my damaged mailbox and/or fence?
7. Although my street was plowed, it still has a lot of snow. When will Road & Bridge come by again to clear the packed snow and ice?
8. When will you plow our parking lot?
9. Can I get a call from the supervisor during a major snow event?
10. Can you give me an estimated time of arrival of the snowplow?
11. When will the County clear the snow in front of my mailbox?
12. Who is responsible for shoveling sidewalks?
13. Is there a specific schedule for plowing roads during a snowstorm?
14. I just cleared my driveway then the plow came through and blocked my driveway with snow. Who is responsible for clearing it?
15. Why can’t you plow to the sunny side or the other side of the street?
16. When does Road & Bridge plow cul-de-sacs?
17. How many cul-de-sacs are there in each District?
18. My road is normally plowed by now. Where is the snowplow?
19. I’m a first responder or medical professional. Can you make sure I’m on a list to get priority?
20. I’m elderly. Can you make sure I’m on a list to get priority?
21. My neighborhood is always low on the priority list. Can we hire a contractor to plow the snow?
22. What roads and highways in unincorporated Jefferson County are the responsibility of CDOT? Contact CDOT online or call 303-759-2368.