What is fatherhood coaching all about?

Fatherhood coaching is simply spending one-on-one time with the Fatherhood Case Manager to talk about the challenges of being a parent in your current situation. Parents explore what options are available and how they might let their child/children know that they are still important to them. Parents find this one-on-one time particularly useful if they are stuck or are repeating patterns of conflict with their co-parent which they find difficult to change. Participation is voluntary.

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1. Can you meet with me and my co-parent to talk about our parenting time?
2. Doesn't everybody know how to be a good parent?
3. I have been ordered to take a parenting class by the judge, so can I choose to take this class to satisfy the court order?
4. I never get to see my child/children, so why would I want to take a fatherhood class?
5. I'm already a good parent; wouldn't it just be a waste of my time to participate in a fatherhood class?
6. If I participate in the Fatherhood Program, does that mean I get to see my children?
7. What is fatherhood coaching all about?