I never get to see my child/children, so why would I want to take a fatherhood class?

If you are not able to see your child/children then there is likely much grief and loss you are carrying around with you. You are not alone. Other parents are going through the same thing. Most parents find it useful to listen to others talk about these losses and how they are coping. Many people are not particularly good at knowing how these losses affect us and what we can or should do about them. The old "fight or flight" is the way many guys respond. There are better ways. While we are not a bunch of angry parents sitting around talking about how awful our co-parent is some people do talk with a lot of passion about what it is like for them to not be in their child/children’s lives. Almost all parents find just saying it out loud and being heard is helpful and makes their lives better. The Fatherhood Case Manager can help parents review court orders as it relates to parenting time and decision making responsibilities and help them navigate the judicial system while helping educate parents on how to preserve such responsibilities through the judicial or mediation process. While the Fatherhood Case Managers are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice, the program has aligned itself with community resources offering assistance to parents without the financial capacity to obtain legal representation.

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4. I never get to see my child/children, so why would I want to take a fatherhood class?
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