Doesn't everybody know how to be a good parent?

Being a parent is something we need to learn, not something that we automatically acquire simply by aging, becoming an adult, or parenting a child. We have a very specific idea about what it means to be a good parent, simply put: it is to be a parent to your children in such a way that makes their one and only childhood the best possible time for them. This means we have to learn how to manage our own needs, wants, desires, and emotions in such a way that they don't become a barrier to good disciplining, providing consistent love and emotional warmth, and creating a safe and healthy environment for them.

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1. Can you meet with me and my co-parent to talk about our parenting time?
2. Doesn't everybody know how to be a good parent?
3. I have been ordered to take a parenting class by the judge, so can I choose to take this class to satisfy the court order?
4. I never get to see my child/children, so why would I want to take a fatherhood class?
5. I'm already a good parent; wouldn't it just be a waste of my time to participate in a fatherhood class?
6. If I participate in the Fatherhood Program, does that mean I get to see my children?
7. What is fatherhood coaching all about?