What if my business closes?

Taxes are assessed beginning January 1 for the full year; therefore, taxes for the full tax year are due immediately upon the closing of a business. To avoid substantial penalties and the issuance of a distraint warrant, please notify the treasurer's Office before removing any equipment from the business.

Per Colorado Revised Statute 39-10-113: (1) (a) If at any time after the lien of general taxes has attached, the treasurer believes for any reason that any taxable personal property may be removed from the county or state of Colorado or may be dissipated or distributed, so that taxes to be levied for the current year may not be collectable, he may at once proceed to collect such taxes and, if he deems necessary, may distraint, seize, and sell such personal property to enforce collection.

Upon his request, the assessor shall certify to him the valuation for assessment of such personal property for the current year. If the levy for the current year has not been fixed and made, the levy for the previous year shall be used to determine the amount of taxes due. Call us for more information at 303-271-8330.

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