I need a property or chain of title researched.

The Assessor’s Office does not provide title or chain of title reports. However, Jefferson County does provide a wide variety of information about all properties within the county through our GIS software called JMap. Most properties can be researched by using the Assessor Information screen within JMap. Simply go to JMap and search the address of the property you are interested in and once on the main screen click on the link to Assessor Information. Select the desired property one more time and on the next screen will appear a wide variety of information about the selected property, including a sales history which lists deeds and reception numbers for recent sales of the property. Please be aware that this is based on the information the Assessor’s Office has at the time. The information may not be up to date.

Documents can be purchased at the Recording Department at the Clerk & Recorder’s Office. The Recording Department can be reached at 303-271-8122 or on the Clerk & Recorder's website

If you need a more in-depth chain of title or records search, we suggest you contact a title company or a real estate attorney for more assistance.

If you feel our records are in error, please contact us via our contact form. Please be ready to provide a copy of the recorded documents you believe are missing and that correct the error. If you cannot provide the recorded documents, please have an attorney, or title company contact us and provide the appropriate recorded documents to change our records.

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