Can I Subdivide?

Subdivision is handled through a Preliminary and Final Plat process. The resulting lots must meet the minimum lot size for the Zone District (see “What is My Zoning / What Can I Do on My Property?”), as well as other requirements such as Lot and Tract Standards and Public Health requirements for septic systems

General questions about specific properties should be directed to Planning Engineering Staff. Planning Engineering Staff is available by phone, in-person at the P&Z Front Counter, and virtually. We recommend scheduling an appointment with an engineer. At a minimum we will need to know the property address or PIN. It is helpful for Staff to know the scope of the development (commercial,  residential etc.) how many lots are proposed, and what the desired layout is. For questions about the current zoning and minimum lot size requirements, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a Planner.

I want to Subdivide. What are the next steps?

Staff recommends applicants ready to move forward with a Preliminary and Final Plat schedule a Pre-Application Meeting prior to submitting a subdivision application. This meeting allows applicants to discuss their plans with Staff and receive preliminary feedback and guidance from Staff and External Agencies before committing. If/when you would like to schedule this meeting, please apply online and submit (at a minimum) a site plan showing the proposed lot layout, and a cover letter that describes your plans and provides contact information. The cover letter must include information about access, water supply, wastewater, how stormwater runoff will be managed, and an estimation of traffic.  Generally we can get you on the calendar within a few weeks of when you sign up, and can provide a detailed written response within a few weeks after the meeting. There is a $500 application fee for the Pre-Application Meeting. Most of this fee can be transferred to a subsequent Plat if it is applied for within 1 year.

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