How can I correct the physical (situs) address for my property, or update or correct my mailing address?

Your physical address, which is also known as the situs address, is assigned by various divisions and jurisdictions, and not the County Assessor. Planning and Zoning is responsible for assigning, maintaining, and approving situs addresses in unincorporated Jefferson County.  We also receive situs address information from the various cities within the county. If you have a concern with your situs address, we would be happy to look into this on our end. Please call our office at 303-271-8600 and ask to speak to someone regarding a situs address concern. While the assessors office only maintains the information provided, you may need to contact the local agency or jurisdiction who is responsible for the assignment of the situs address. 


To request a mailing address change. Please click HERE. You will be required to acknowledge you are the owner of the property for which the request is being made.

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1. How can I correct the physical (situs) address for my property, or update or correct my mailing address?
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