Case: 2000-550

Case #: 2000-550

Where: Galbraith hiking trail, Golden

Date Found: July 24, 2000

Sex: Male

Race: White/Caucasian

Approximate Age: Adult, Pre-60 (45-55 years)

Height: Approx. 5’3”

Weight: Approx. 135 pounds

Hair: Cannot be determined

Features: These skeletal remains were found with a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, size L camouflage jacket, size 32x30 blue jeans, size L plaid shirt, size 32-38 Fruit of the Loom white underwear, white socks, and Nike tennis shoes

Comments: These remains were discovered by county open space employees while they were creating a new trail. For more information, please visit and refer to case #UP11940.

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