Troubleshoot - Audio Issues during a WebEx Meeting

First, you'll need to choose your audio preference. There are several options for audio, only select one:

  • Use computer for audio
  • Call me
  • Call in
  • Don’t connect to audio

If you prefer to call in using your telephone rather than using the computer audio (for instance, if your computer does not have a microphone), you can select the “Call in” or “Call me” options, and you should not call in separately using the phone number option in the meeting.

Mute your microphone in meetings when you are not speaking to avoid distractions or interruptions to the meeting. Do not double mute (muting your phone and your WebEx audio at the same time). Choose one method to make sure you can unmute easily when ready to talk.

If you join the meeting as a public attendee, the meeting host will have to unmute you before you can be heard.

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