Changing Screen Size within the WebEx Platform

Within the WebEx platform, if you’d like to change the size of the screens during a meeting, follow these steps once you’re in the meeting:

  1. Find the screen you’d like to make larger from those available
  2. When you roll over that screen with your mouse, you should see a “More Options" button (circle with three dots) in the upper right corner of that screen
  3. Click on that “More Options” button; that will bring up a list of options
  4. Select the “Move to stage” option; that will make that screen larger within your meeting screen
  5. If you’d like to make that screen smaller again, click on that “More Options” button within that screen and select “Remove from stage”

To attend the meeting, visit the County Public Meetings page and find your meeting on the event calendar for the link and all information for that meeting.

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