What should I have with me at my appointment?

It is helpful if you have the Veteran's: full name, branch of service, dates of service, birthday, social security number (as this will be come the claim number for any/all claims) and mailing address and phone number. A Veteran’s DD214/discharge paper is helpful as well. Also, have a list of questions and concerns.

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1. I have never filed a VA claim. How do I get started?
2. Is there a fee for assistance from the county Veteran Service office?
3. What types of claims may I file for?
4. What types of appointments does the Jefferson County Veteran Services office take?
5. What should I have with me at my appointment?
6. If I filed a claim in a different state or on my own or with a different organization, may I cone to Jefferson County for assistance?
7. I have an appeal running and am unhappy with my current VA power of attorney (POA)/representative. Can I switch?
8. I moved from one county to another. How do I notify the new county?