Sexual Health & Family Planning

Birth Control Methods - List of contraceptive methods and their effectiveness.

Planned Parenthood Health Centers - A search tool for finding health centers and abortion clinics in the United States.

AMAZE - Videos that explain various sexual health topics. 

Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF) Program - Program that helps expecting teens continue their studies or aim for higher education; includes information on child and parent health services and employment support. 

Sex+Health - Podcast about the importance of taking care of your sexual health; includes interviews with experts.

"The Point" Teen Clinics - Search tool to find free or low-cost clinics for sexual healthcare services.

Title X Family Planning Clinic Locator - Search tool to find providers for family planning and preventive health services.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program - Program funded by the Office of Population Affairs to reduce teen pregnancy rates in the US.

TeleHealth - Free chat/text tool that provides access to experts for any sexual or reproductive health concerns.

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