Youth Seen

Youth Seen

Phone: 720-788-0062

Email: [email protected]


  • Provides on-site licensed clinicians who provide trauma-informed and gender affirming individual therapy, family therapy, and behavioral health care.
  • Working collaboration with local organizations and groups that specifically tailored resources, education, and outreach to the LGBTQI community.
  • Youth Seen also contracts with clinicians in the community who are LGBTQI+, People of Color who can provide culturally responsive services upon request. 
  • Youth Seen has a mental health fund and may be able to provide financial assistance for community mental health services upon request. 
  • Youth Seen does have a partner therapist who is experienced in working with survivors of human trafficking, including LGBTQI+ survivors. 
  • Services in English, Spanish, and Russian
  • Youth Seen provides short-term, targeted case management for youth who are experiencing a variety of needs including medical needs, housing instability, homelessness, and victimization. 
  • Specialized substance use program. 

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