• Free birth control solutions ( condoms, implants, IUDs, emergency contraceptives, and pill options)
  • Educational resource
  • Reproductive health services for men, woman, and gender non-conforming individuals under age of 25. 
  • Free STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) testing, HIV testing, and education. 
  • Pregnancy tests

Note: Youth do not need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian/adult to receive services. Youth can receive services without the knowledge or consent of a parent/guardian/adult. BC4U is LGBTQI+ friendly and affirming; orientation and identity are not barriers to receiving services. 

  • Services are offered in person or via video session
  • Service locations in Aurora, Highlands Ranch, and Colorado Springs

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1. CO Hotline
2. The Trevor Project
3. Planned Parenthood LQBTQ+
4. Transgender Center of the Rockies
5. BC4U
6. Denver Element
7. Mother House: The Lodge Emergency Shelter
8. Rainbow Alley
9. Queer Asterisk: Therapeutic Services
10. Youth Seen
11. Dress for Success Denver