What are the requirements post-approval?

Once a facility or event is approved as an Approved Fully Vaccinated Facility or Event, it must continue to implement its policy and verify proof of vaccination for all individuals entering its approved indoor space(s). The facility or event may allow individuals to enter the indoor space without a mask. In addition, if the application indicated the event or facility is implementing additional mitigation measures then it must continue to implement those. If Jefferson County Public Health conditionally approved the application, the facility or event must implement the conditions of approval.

Required Signs

Approved Fully Vaccinated Facilities or Events must post a sign at the door(s) to their indoor spaces indicating that they are an approved vaccine verifying facility or event and that proof of vaccination is required to enter. Signage will be provided by JCPH upon approval into the program.

A business falsely advertising that they have been approved by Jefferson County Public Health when they have not been approved is in violation of Public Health Order 21-006.

Policy for Refusal to Show Proof of Vaccination

Facilities and businesses should include, as part of their policy development process, a policy for individuals who refuse to comply with that facility or event’s policy, including consequences, such as denial of entry. Jefferson County Public Health cannot provide legal advice to facilities or events.

Admitting an individual to your facility or event in violation of your policy will be considered a violation of the program terms and may subject you to penalties under PHO 21-006.

Unannounced Inspections

Facilities and events that have received approval for the program agree to unannounced inspections by Jefferson County Public Health.

Review of Vaccination Proof

This program is based on facility and event policies, not the vaccination status of any individual person, and as a general matter Jefferson County Public Health will not inquire into the vaccination status of an individual person for purposes of enforcement. However, Jefferson County Public Health may ask to review a facility’s or event’s policy implementation and tracking system to ensure compliance with their policy and program requirements.

Jefferson County Public Health may request information on the vaccination status of individuals for purposes of case investigation or contact tracing.

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